About C&C Carpet Care

C&C Carpet Care is a locally owned and operated company, certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). We cater to both commercial and residential properties and thrive on quality customer service, providing our customers with honest over the phone pricing. Unfortunately, other carpet cleaning companies have come to be known as “bait and switch” companies that take advantage of their customers and increase their prices to obscene amounts. We want to stay away from these “bait and switch” procedures and provide our customers with a true, full service cleaning that comes with a 14 day guarantee.

The owner of C&C Carpet Care has been in the business for 8 years and opened his own business because he felt there was a more honest, respectful, less stressful way to operated business. He stands 100% behind his work and wants all his customers to feel like they got an exceptional cleaning at an exceptional price.


"Thank you Craig for your professionalism. I am very pleased with his recent outstanding carpet cleaning services. He was prompt, courteous and informative. There was NO pressure regarding my carpet needs. The pricing I was quoted over the phone was exactly the cost I paid after the service was done. The carpets look and smell great. The customer service was impeccable and we will definitely be long customers of C & C Carpet Care." Michael-Jax Golf/Country

"They were very quick, very good. There is usually spots that reappear after the cleaning in high traffic areas but my carpet is still very clean and smells really good too!"-Christy W.